Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation

Undoubtedly Search Engine Optimisation has a role to play B2B digital marketing, but it is too often oversold and misunderstood.

 Generating quality, authoritative content that your audience wants to read.

Taking basic technical steps to make sure it is discoverable.

Sharp Ahead will advise you on the technical aspects of SEO while working with you to focus on your content strategy.


What exactly is it?

SEO is a way of making sure that your website appears at the top if search engine result pages for certain phrases, keywords or contextual questions that potential customers might type into Google or other search engines.

SEO refers to a number of different practices that can all help improve your ranking. It includes technical work typically done by your website developers (for example adding metadata like page titles or using H1 tags for page headers).

But overall SEO generally means making sure that your site offers a good user experience to potential customers, from the content you provide to the way users navigate your site. So if you always keep the customer in mind, you won’t go too far wrong.

Why do I need help?

Like all aspects of digital marketing, the SEO landscape is constantly changing. Trying to keep up with search engine innovations, particularly from Google, requires constant specialist attention.

It may not be practicable to employ someone internally to make sure that when Google makes a change, or when you change your site, you are not suddenly going to find yourself halfway down a search engine result page for one of your key services.

That’s what we can do. Sharp Ahead can not only help you achieve SEO success but also will make sure that you sustain that success in the long term.


Our SEO services include:

  • Full site audits.
  • Technical SEO advice and implementation.
  • Content strategy and development.
  • Link building strategy.
  • Copywriting training for SEO.

Ready to get started with SEO?