Content Marketing

Content is one of the most critical but sometimes most difficult assets to create for B2B companies.

Without fresh, relevant copy, your website is harder to find, your ad campaigns will have lower conversion, and your customer will quickly lose interest.

From AdWords campaigns to landing pages and blog posts, to longer evergreen site content, we can help you develop a content strategy to serve customers and prospects across your digital assets.


We work with clients in a number of different ways depending on their internal expertise and resource.

Working with you

We can write the content for you, following whatever editorial process works best for you, using existing content when possible and creating new content when necessary. We always work with your subject matter experts to ensure deep knowledge of your industry, customers and products or services is communicated clearly and effectively.

We can also provide training for your in-house team on how to write for specific digital channels, on how to effectively use online publishing tools and on ensuring you follow SEO best practice. The training can be tailored to suit the level of experience and amount of resource available.

Sharp Ahead can also help you develop a long term digital content strategy, so that you are prepared to deliver effective marketing today, and tomorrow.


  What do we actually deliver?

  • Paid media content including AdWords copy, landing page copy and blog content.
  • Longer, evergreen content such as white papers and case studies.
  • Training sessions and reference material for your in-house team.
  • Tool selection and training (including publishing, SEO validation, and marketing automation).
  • Content plan, mapping out your delivery requirements over a specific period of time.
  • Content strategy, answering the questions: what content, for whom, on what platform, when and with what objectives.

Ready to revamp your content?