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Data & Analytics

We have the expertise to accurately map the right data against your KPIs.

Important business decisions are made on the back of your analytics, so it’s vital that they’re set up right. An incomplete implementation of Google Analytics can easily lead to erroneous data. Moving your marketing decisions and strategy way off-course.

Without a solid understanding of statistics, it’s common for marketing PROs to make the wrong assumptions – whether it’s A/B testing, site traffic, or another data source. An expert can cut through to the chase and map the right data against your KPIs. Providing accurate insights for marketing and business decision-making.

Our Founder, John, is one of the UK’s leading analytics experts. He doesn’t like to brag about this, but we’re (not so) secretly proud of the fact. And his eagle-eyed approach – spotting anomalies, mapping customer journeys, and interpreting analytics data – is a boon for clients implementing omnichannel marketing campaigns.

Whether you want regular management reporting using Google Data Studio, or in-depth advice and implementation tracking customer journeys with analytics, we have the expertise on hand.

Case Study

Download a Google Data Studio management report example.
"The results have been nothing short of spectacular. The success of this project gives us confidence to expand our use of digital marketing across our business."
Rachel Stothard
Head of Marketing, YPO

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