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Step-by-step Guide to Enabling LinkedIn 2 Factor Authentication

Step-by-step Guide to Enabling LI 2FA

By Jennifer Esty  |  October 9, 2023

LinkedIn, like many other social media and SaaS platforms, is moving towards two factor authentication or 2FA as it often, and mostly without affectionate, known. 

As annoying as 2FA is, it really is the most effective way to avoid hacks, so we recommend moving sooner rather than later. 

Besides, although they aren’t telling us the exact date that it will become mandatory, it will no doubt happen on the day you want to use your phone to post an update from the best event you’ve attended in years… 

It should take no more than five minutes assuming you have ready access to the following:

  • The email account you use with LI (note it may be a personal account) 
  • Your LI password (note you can check your password manager if you can’t remember it)
  • Your phone to set up either SMS authentication or Authenticator App (I chose SMS because it always feels less painful somehow)

I’ve included a step-by-step guide below for anyone who is feeling a little skittish and here are a few gotchas:

  • Enabling 2FA will immediately log you out of LI on all devices
  • When you log back in, you will need to follow the 2FA process you selected (i.e. either SMS or an Authenticator app)
  • Enabling 2FA also affects your preferences for LI Campaign Manager
  • Reminder that by default, giving LI your phone number means anyone who has that number can find you on LI, but you can change that preference in Settings

Step-by-step Guide to Enabling LI 2FA 

You’ll be presented with this notice and assuming you have access to the information I mentioned above, choose Update Settings
Two Step Verification for LinkedIn

Or you can follow these steps:

Enabling Two Step Verification Steps

Here LinkedIn helpfully explains a little more about about 2FA, choose Set up:

Two Step Verification for LinkedIn Explained

You’ll need to login and then you’ll see this prompt:

6-digit Code Sent for LinkedIn Two Step Verification

It’s decision time, which will it be SMS or an Authenticator App??

Authentication Methods LinkedIn

Note the small print reminder about being logged out of all devices!

Two Step Verification Methods LinkedIn

Next steps for SMS users:

Adding a Phone Number for LinkedIn Two Step Verification

Grab your code from your phone!

Entering Verification Code for LinkedIn Two Step Verification

Grab your code from your phone!

Enabling Two Step Verification LinkedIn

More information on how LI is using your phone number and how you can manage those preferences here.

Who can connect with your LinkedIn profile if they have your phone number?

Reminder if you have time and did the above on desktop, go ahead and sort your phone or other devices out before you forget.

If you have any questions about 2FA for LinkedIn, or any of aspect of B2B digital marketing, please get in touch!

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