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Fareham Success for Sharp Ahead Client

By Jennifer Esty  |  August 18, 2017

The Fareham Innovation Centre, operated by Sharp Ahead client Oxford Innovation has been given the green light for a £6m-plus extension.

Read the Fareham press release to find out more about the new centre.

Lead Generation Case Study

The current £5.3m innovation centre, with 24 offices and 15 workshops, was fully occupied within 12 months of opening in April 2015. Oxford Innovation run the Centre on behalf of Fareham Borough Council.

Sharp Ahead, Oxford Innovation’s digital marketing agency, helped fill the centre two years ahead of schedule, with a 600% increase in qualified sales leads and a 90% reduction in customer acquisition costs over the traditional broker model.

Read the full case study on how the centre achieved its stunning success.

What our client says

“Sharp Ahead have transformed the way Oxford Innovation approach marketing for our innovation centres, and as a result we have seen a 90% reduction in client acquisition costs and a significant improvements in the quality of our leads.”

Jo Willett

Marketing & Business Development Director, Oxford Innovation