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Revising your marketing plan in a time of uncertainty? 5 best practice tips for digital excellence

By Jennifer Esty  |  March 25, 2020

Before you change your plans, read our 5 best practice tips for digital marketing excellence in this time of uncertainty.


The social networking behemoth is now even more important for staying in touch with customers and prospects. Take the time to audit your Company Page and personal profiles of key colleagues. Make sure they are updated with relevant messaging, polished branding, and clear signals that you’re ready to connect and interact online.

Now is definitely the time to develop a rich content strategy and a team of online influencers to reach prospects in the absence of offline activity.


If you’re looking to reallocate marketing funds, PPC is almost certainly a good investment right now. Focus on intent-based, high value keywords and best practice basics like brand ads and remarketing campaigns.

Whilst search volumes for many B2B products and services may decrease for a period of time, being found for those searches is even more critical now and you will stand out even more (and pay less) if competitors have made the ill-advised decision to turn off all PPC advertising.

Read our blog on Managing PPC in the emerging Coronavirus situation for more tips.

Google My Business

If your business has changed or reduced opening hours, make sure you update your Google My Business (GMB) listing to let customers and prospects know.

GMB has also introduced a “temporarily closed” status if you have physical shops or offices that you wish to mark closed during the lockdown.

Similarly, if your main contact numbers have changed, updating them on your listing is vitally important.


With so many of your customers and prospects working from home, your IP tracking software probably isn’t offering you a lot of help right now.

However, the LinkedIn Insight can give you rich insights into who is interacting with your website and landing pages, and gives you an opportunity to create remarketing lists for LinkedIn campaigns. If you don’t have it already, the tag is easy to create and deploy.


Including a business continuity message on your site will give customers and prospects reassurance that you are open for business—or can set their expectations on response times or any changes in the services you can provide.

Also, with traffic likely to be lower and overall activity reduced, now might be just the time to make those important changes or updates to your site. You’ll lower any risks during deployment and are likely to have more time to focus on strategic improvements, better content and increased conversion—all ready to provide a best practice customer experience when it’s business as usual again.

Need more help?

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