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Sharp Ahead are specialists in demand generation and tenant acquisition for flexible workspaces, innovation centres, and science parks.

We enable success for our flexible workspace clients throughout the lifecycle of their properties, from feasibility through pre-letting and occupancy maintenance.

We provide on-demand tenant acquisition for flexible workspaces throughout the UK using the latest in marketing technology, providing our clients and their prospective tenants with personalised, responsive service.

We generate tenant leads for workspaces across the UK which have varying combinations of office space, laboratories, workshops, hotdesks and shared spaces.

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Pre-letting Demand Generation

Sharp Ahead can begin creating demand and building your tenant pipeline even before your building is completely fitted out.

We use an agile technology stack and marketing approach which allows us quickly and efficiently to create lead generation campaigns that can evolve as your workspace progresses.

We can provide inbound enquiry handling if your workspace management team is not yet in place.

An effective pre-letting campaign can make a huge financial difference for a new workspace – launching with 90%+ occupancy on day one is perfectly achievable.

For most workspaces, we recommend that pre-letting campaigns should start 12 months ahead of scheduled opening time. But even a few months’ pre-letting can be very effective, and our agile approach means we can activate pre-letting campaigns for you within a few days of our first engagement.

So even if your opening date is only a few months ahead, speak to us about how pre-letting could help boost initial occupancy.

Existing Property Lead Generation

If your existing property is struggling to achieve occupancy targets, Sharp Ahead can quickly and efficiently generate leads to reach your objectives.

We specialise in properties that have difficult geographic areas, restrictive gateway policies and specialist spaces such as laboratories and workshops.


Existing Property Occupancy Maintenance

The nature of flexible office space, with shorter term leases and ambitious tenants that are likely to outgrow spaces quickly, means that workspaces must generate a pipeline of prospects to ensure their spaces are fully occupied.

Sharp Ahead offer ongoing occupancy maintenance with a flexible and agile approach that can be tailored to fit the number and type of spaces that need filling.

We can also use our bespoke approach to measure the feasibility of expanding existing, successful properties.

Feasibility Studies

Sharp Ahead provide property owners and developers with feasibility research to measure prospective markets and locations.

We use a bespoke approach that includes trend analysis, market research, competitor research, and a lean demand generation methodology.

Sharp Ahead have transformed the way Oxford Innovation approach lead generation and marketing for our innovation centres. We have seen remarkable success in filling centres ahead of schedule, making us more profitable and efficient across our portfolio.

Jo Stevens, Marketing & Business Development Director, Oxford Innovation

Occupancy levels have massively exceeded expectations. It was initially forecast that it would take some time to build a customer base and that by the end of its first year it would have achieved an average occupancy level of 27% and that it would reach an optimum occupancy level of 90% by March 2018. In the event, it reached 100% occupancy by the end of March 2016 and there is a waiting list of 20 businesses wishing to take up space.

Fareham Borough Council

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