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Client Case Study

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Bowen Craggs generated over 100 qualified leads in 30 days

Bowen Craggs & Co are experts in global online corporate communications, helping more than 25 of the world’s biggest companies be more effective online.
The challenge:

Bowen Craggs wanted to expand the subscriber base to their newsletter as a way to stay in touch with customers and prospects during the Coronavirus lockdown, and beyond. Their newsletter provides uniquely valuable insight and commentary, but they needed a way to increase its reach among their target audience.

The approach:

Sharp Ahead developed a series of targeted LinkedIn campaigns aimed at senior communications prospects in global corporates. The campaigns leveraged a combination of LinkedIn advertising formats, including text ads, sponsored content and lead gen forms.

The results:
  • 100 new, well qualified subscribers at less than £17 per lead
  • Over 330,000 impressions at a CPM of just under £9
  • Subscriber base increased by over 20%
  • Generation of a highly qualified remarketing audience who have subsequently engaged with new content following the initial campaign
Next steps:

Following the success of the initial campaigns, Bowen Craggs expanded the activity to promote ongoing insights and commentary to their target audiences and plan to promote their well-known annual reports using the same approach.

£17 cost per lead

“We’ve been astounded at the success of these campaigns: the number, quality and cost of the leads have been beyond our expectations. Sharp Ahead have provided superb consultancy and the success of their digital marketing strategy is clear from the results”.
Dan Drury, Partner
Bowen Craggs & Co

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