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Issue 11 - 4th May 2023

What do B2B marketers need to know about New Bing?

Will Microsoft’s ChatGPT-powered search engine change the world of B2B search marketing?
Sharp Ahead’s Dr John Woods has been evaluating “New Bing”, Microsoft’s experimental ChatGPT-powered search engine, from the perspective of B2B search marketing.

Is generative AI about to turn the world of B2B search marketing on its head?

There are two simple things that all B2B marketing teams can do right away to gain some experience with New Bing, and to prepare to manage the impact of this wave of change – find out more in our blog post.

If you want to continue the conversation around New Bing and how it might affect your business, or if you need any other help or advice around B2B search marketing, get in touch with us today – we’d love to hear from you!

Until next time!

The Sharp Ahead Team

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