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Issue 17 - 31st August 2023

B2B Email Metrics - The Most
Important Metrics

In this edition of our newsletter:
● Discover the metrics that you should use to measure email campaign performance
● Find out more about best practices for advertising on X
● Register for our virtual SEO session on 12th September 2023
Read on to find out more...
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B2B Email Metrics – The Most Important Metrics

In this week’s newsletter, read part two of our email metrics blog and discover some of the most important metrics to measure when it comes to evaluating and analysing the success of your email campaign. 

Email metrics are complex to understand and to use but our latest blog gives you a flavour of the top priority metrics and some of the pitfalls to avoid. 

If you have questions about B2B email metrics or need any other help with your B2B email marketing, please get in touch!

Best Practices for X Advertising

Best Practices for Advertising on X

With Elon Musk’s recent rebrand from Twitter to X, we thought we’d share out best practices for advertising on X. It’s important to note, however, that X isn’t brand safe for every advertiser and this should be something that you consider carefully before using it.

  1. Carefully consider your campaign targeting
    B2B advertisers on X need to understand the targeting options and be sure that there is good alignment between their commercial target audiences and the segments that X provides.
  2. Keep ad copy concise
    Some of the best performing ads are only 50-100 characters.
  3. Include a strong call-to-action
    Be clear and straightforward with your desired action.
  4. Avoid clickable exit points
    Keep your ad free of hashtags and mentions, they can be distracting to the audience.
  5. Incorporate strong visuals
    It might sound obvious but make your sure you’re campaign creative stands out.
  6. Utilise video
    A 15-second video with clear branding is one of the most impactful media types.
  7. Vary your creative and ad copy
    We recommend running your campaign with at least 3 creative variants with varying ad copy.
  8. Monitor and optimise your campaign
    Regularly monitor your campaign performance and make optimisations based on key metrics.

Find out how we can help your B2B business to advertise on X. 

SEO- Using Chat GPT & EEAT For SEO Success

SEO Webinar with Rachael Clark

Don’t forget to join Sharp Ahead’s Rachael Clark virtually on September 12th at 9.30am as part of the Business Ready programme to support businesses based in Warwickshire. Find out how to use Chat GPT to speed up keyword research, help with content creation and more. 

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Check out our in-depth guide to B2B SEO content using Google's EEAT guidelines

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