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Issue 9 - 24th March 2023

When is a content audit not an audit?

In this edition of our newsletter:
● Jennifer Esty breaks down the why, the how and the what when it comes to content audits
● John Woods discusses the current state of the UA > GA4 migration
● A round-up of Leeds Marketing Meetup - how organisations can decarb their digital marketing

When is a content audit not an audit?

A content audit, or any audit for that matter, probably sounds like as much fun as getting your teeth cleaned (except it takes a lot longer). But it can be hugely rewarding and should set up your content, SEO, and lead generation strategies for success.

Our latest blog post provides top tips on what to look for in a content audit and how your organisation will benefit.

Discover the answers to the following questions:

Why audit your content?
What you are going to get out of the audit.

How to audit your content
A robust audit needs to look at a number of criteria with a measurable means of evaluating them.

What to audit?
What you should audit and the importance of looking beyond the traditional definition of ‘content’.


What to do next?
From audit to analysis!

If you have any questions about content audits for B2B marketing then please get in touch! 


Have a great weekend! 


The Sharp Ahead Team

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