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A little more information on Sharp Ahead

By Emma Grimshaw  |  March 23, 2015

By 2017, over half of B2B marketing spend will go on digital. But what should you spend it on? How about identifying and staying connected with new and existing prospects?

Growing Your Online Brand Presence

  • Maybe you’ve thought about updating your website or focusing on building fans on social media? We tell most of our clients not to bother!
  • Utilising a blend of organic and paid search tactics, measurable KPIs, marketing analytics and Customer Relationship Management (CRM), we’ll help you reach out and stay connected with those in the market for your specialist products or services. Sharp Ahead can increase brand interaction and provide insight into what your customers really want.
  • Once we understand the needs and behaviour of your customer, you will then be equipped with the insights you need to design and build a new website that will be an asset to your brand. We can advise the best approach to get results—and how to measure, analyse and understand them.

Generating Sales Leads

  • Did you know that most B2B buyers (80%+) now go online to find a supplier? But how can you make sure they find you and not your competitors?  And how can you make sure they take action and contact you?
  • Sharp Ahead are specialists in learning and, more importantly, understanding how customers buy from you, then optimising that journey for the web.
  • For quick results we often start with paid search tactics, including specially targeted landing pages, to deliver quality leads directly to your sales team. Our goal is to convert your customers from a Google search to a sales lead as effectively, and cheaply, as possible.
  • And with our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) expertise, we can optimise and grow sales using the customer and prospect connections you already have.

B2B Content Marketing

  • B2B marketers now dedicate nearly a third of their budget to content marketing, but the majority say they struggle with both creating effective and measuring performance.
  • B2B content marketing has gone way beyond the whitepaper. Online video, webinars, blogs and other inbound marketing methods are all delivering measurable and profitable results.
  • Sharp Ahead will develop a compelling content marketing strategy and resource your content creation where you need it, ensuring it complements your other marketing efforts and forms a meaningful part of your overall digital strategy.

Analysis & Research

  • 93% of B2B organisations are using content marketing in some form, but 33% feel that measuring and analysing results effectively is one of their greatest challenges.
  • Despite their concern, only 13% of businesses make it a priority to outsource the measurement and analysis of their efforts to a specialist.
  • At Sharp Ahead we know that research and analysis is the backbone of a healthy digital marketing strategy. We will help you understand how your customers interact with your brand and content online, and implement tools for measuring the performance of every aspect of your digital marketing strategy, so you can keep an eye on your ROI.

As a digital marketing agency specialising in lead generation and digitally-driven sales growth, we are well placed to offer advice and insights that will help you maximise your marketing budget. Contact Sharp Ahead today at or telephone 01189 001920.

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