Paid Media

Lead Generation

B2B companies can no longer afford to ignore digital marketing as part of their lead generation strategy.


83% of B2B buyers look for a supplier online.

And that number will continue to grow.

Digital lead generation, including paid media activities such as PPC, online advertising and remarketing, are one of the most cost effective ways of ensuring potential customers find you before they find your competition.

Whether you have an existing campaign that isn’t providing ROI or this is your first foray into Google AdWords, we can develop, execute, and optimise your campaigns.


Paid Media Best Practice

The reality for many B2B companies is that their products and services are complex and even niche, and therefore the number of potential customers is relatively low.

These low numbers can hamper more traditional approaches to paid media optimisation, including the much loved A/B test, as there simply won’t be enough traffic to really understand what is working.

With over 45 years’ combined experience across a diverse range of industries and markets, Sharp Ahead can provide you with insight into best practice to optimise your campaigns quickly and effectively.

From ad copy to landing page conversion, we will bring best practice to every element of your paid media campaign. We won’t rest until we’ve found the optimal mix of platform, content, creative and timing.


So what do we actually deliver? Our range of paid media services includes:

  • PPC campaigns, including the creation of new campaigns and optimisation of existing campaigns.
  • Key word selection.
  • Remarketing.
  • Facebook advertising.
  • Provide ongoing reporting and analysis.
  • Asset creation for advert creative.
  • Landing page conversion optimisation.
  • Integration with sales systems and processes.

Ready to develop your PPC lead generation strategy?