Inbound Call Handling

Inbound Call Handling

Sharp Ahead can provide inbound sales call handling to help grow your business. Maximise your lead generation investment by ensuring that new sales enquiries are handled in a timely and professional manner, without the requirement for adding new resource to your existing teams.


Specific Expertise Includes:

Understanding Your Value Proposition

Having developed your lead generation and lead nurture campaigns, Sharp Ahead will be uniquely positioned to understand the value proposition for each of your target prospect audiences. This knowledge of your products and/or services means we can quickly and confidently take new sales enquiries.

In depth knowledge of your qualifying criteria means we can ask the important questions and record the correct information to make it easy for both you and your potential customers to progress to the next step in the sales cycle.

Allowing Your Sales Team to Focus

We know that your Sales team’s time is extremely valuable, let us deal with the initial sales enquiries to vet prospects and ensure only truly qualified leads are handed over to your team.

Your lead generation activity will naturally attract some number of unqualified enquiries. Sharp Ahead’s lead generation expertise will help limit these types of prospects but to ensure that sales time isn’t wasted on the ones that do come through, let us handle the initial enquiry. This has the added benefit of giving us valuable insight to further refine and develop your lead generation activities to maximise media spend in the future.

Providing Flexible Working

Whether you need us to deal with enquiry handling for every new call that comes in for your business or you simply require call handlers to provide resource outside of your normal working hours, Sharp Ahead can help.

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