Digital Technology

Digital Marketing Technology

Digital marketing technology presents both opportunity and risk to sales and marketing teams:

Opportunity to improve and automate processes, to better measure effectiveness and performance, to create positive and profitable customer experiences, and to reach your target prospects in better and more targeted ways.

Risks include wasted time, money and effort installing technology that is misunderstood or under-utilised; or worse choosing technology that actively interferes in processes or is used incorrectly, leading team to erroneous conclusions, additional work, or simply a poor customer-facing experience.

The Sharp Ahead team have years of hands on, practical expertise in selecting, procuring, implementing and utilising a range of digital marketing technologies.


Specific Expertise Includes:

Website replatforming: Is your website stuck on a proprietary or outdated content management system? Is it not mobile responsive? Does it no longer meet your business objectives? We can help.

Digital analytics: Sharp Ahead offers some of the most knowledgeable and experienced digital analytics consultancy available in the UK. One our directors even started his own analytics company.

Marketing automation: Sharp Ahead can take you through the entire process of using marketing automation to improve your marketing outcomes, specifically generating more and better leads. Find out how.

Technical SEO: SEO is often oversold and misunderstood but Sharp Ahead can help you achieve long term SEO success.

Content management: selecting the right content management system can be a daunting process, Sharp Ahead can help guide you through the process to achieve the right result for your business.

CRM selection: a CRM system is a sales and marketing team’s lifeblood, but along with good data management and processes, can be difficult to implement and maintain.

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