Digital Marketing Audits

Digital Marketing Audits

Audits of specific aspects of your digital footprint can be a quick and cost effective way to identify problem areas and help provide a roadmap for improvement. They are a useful and relevant tool both for organisations ready for change or who are starting a new digital journey.


Why bother with an audit?

An audit is effectively the first step in your digital transformation.

Depending on the specific area under audit, the process will help you understand what you currently have in terms of digital assets, how you currently appear to your customers online, how effectively you are using existing digital tools or data or how your content is helping (or hurting) your overall digital presence.

An audit also provides a benchmark by which you can measure the future success of changes to your digital strategy.

What exactly do I get?

With an audit from Sharp Ahead you get a thorough, objective analysis of the specific area of concern (or your entire digital footprint). You also get clear, practical advise on where and how you can improve, both in the short and long-term.

Sharp Ahead can provide audits for your overall digital health, SEO, analytics, content, user experience and paid media campaigns.

We pride ourselves on providing clear, practical advice, focussing not just on the problems but giving you pragmatic solutions which can be implemented by your in-house team, your incumbent agency, or us—of course!

Ready to find out the truth about your digital footprint?